syhayaHIP“It’s been such an enlightening and enriching experience to work with Freddie in so many ways. I first had the honor of being a pilates student and saw dramatic changes in my physical body as well as confidence in my physical abilities as I transferred much of what I’d learned over to my yoga practice and was blown away. I was then WoWed again when he introduced me to Reiki and Qigong. Not only have I grown as an individual and developed a much stronger sense of self, but my meditation practice has blossomed as well. This has helped  me to develop stronger passions and goals and have much more clarity in my life. I am forever grateful for being introduced to this work and will continue to look to Freddie as an inspiration. ”

Syhaya A. Smith, Holistic Health Coach



kimberly2"...If you want the ultimate experience, go to Freddie's classes. He's an incredible teacher that really cares about your body and your specific ailments. Freddie will make you feel comfortable and his corrections are precise. ..."- Kimberly Sandler Dorsey

“Freddie Pearson has completely retrained and reshaped my body. Before working with him, I assumed ballet was simply an art form that was made beautiful from the terrible aches and pains I suffered from. My muscles were tense, overdeveloped, and gripped to the point where I was losing range of motion. Since working with him, my body has taken a different shape. My muscles have length, strength, and a more streamlined effect. I no longer diet, because working with him has changed my body to the shape I have always wanted. Freddie taught me exactly how each part of the body works. He is gentle, sympathetic, and slam packed full of knowledge. He blends many different conditioning techniques to customize a perfect workout for each individual person. Not only do I love working with him, but everyone I recommend to work with him feels the same way. My work with him has lengthened my career, and I am forever grateful.”

Chase Johnsey, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo


“I love working with Freddie! I witnessed his work on a co-worker of mine, and saw the results manifest right in front of my eyes. I could tell he was good! After seeing my co-worker improve his dancing and his technique in such a short period of time, I decided to try it myself. And I was very pleased. Doing Pilates with Freddie made me a better, wiser, and healthier dancer. Together we worked on developing awareness, most specifically of alignment, but I also learned to generally listen to my body better. We were able to predict future injuries and problem areas and try to correct them. We also worked on maintaining my body and making it last for the longest time possible. Most of all, I appreciated Freddie’s approach because it’s very personal. It was fitted to my body, my pace, my lifestyle, and I would always leave feeling like I got 200% out of my session. The knowledge I received from Freddie complimented my hard work in the studio and on stage. I highly recommend Freddie to any professional dancer or dance student, as well as anyone who works with his or her body and wants to become more in tune with it.”

- Or Sagi