Pilates Rehabilitation

Private Pilates Rehabilitation


Dr. Freddie Pearson-Nunez has long had his private practice of Somatic Movement & Bodywork adapting his studies and personal research and embodied explorations in:

  • Classical Dance Technique (ballet & modern)
    HS’Diploma Dance and BFA Dance NYU 
  • Therapeutic Body/Mind Conditioning (yoga therapy & pilates rehabilitation)
    Elder Kathy Grant, Melanie Snell, Ellie Herman, Deniese Vidal, Frankie Hart
  • Neuro-muscluar Reprogramming also known as Ideokinesis
    Works of Mable Todd and Dr. Lulu Sweigard
  • Functional Anatomy and Dynamic Alignment
    Lynn Martin, Irene Dowd, Eric Franklin
  • Breathing Coordination
    Lynn Martin and works of Carl Stough
  • Body-Mind Centering
    Works of Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen
  • Trigger Point - Myofascial Pain & Disfunction
    Works of Janet Travell, MD
  • Myofascial Body Trains and Body Reading
    Works of Tom Myers
  • Among many other body-mind techniques

Through Dr. Pearson-Nunez's integrative approach to healing movement on all levels to bring efficiency in function and form to each client.

Pilates is a gentle corrective exercise regime which balances muscle groups by strengthening weakness, lengthening tightness, and bringing proper range of motion to the joints while stabilizing the core.

Pilates machines are engineered to work the body safely in proper alignment with low resistance and low impact; which is the ultimate rehabilitation environment.

Pilates is an excellent way to rehabilitate injuries and conditions including; back pain, all kinds of disc dysfunction, neck issues, knee injuries, knee instability and pain, hip injuries, hip replacements, ankle instability, frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, rotator cuff issues, scolosis, kyphosis, lordosis, SI joint problems, RSI, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and more!

Also great for pregnancy & post-natal!

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