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EHP has crafted both In-Person & Virtual Pilates Teacher Training program unlike any other in the world—suited to meet the demands of the new hybrid in-person/online teaching landscape without compromising EHP’s standards of knowledge, integrity, and professionalism.

The Ellie Herman Pilates Institute is an internationally recognized Pilates certification program offering comprehensive mat and apparatus training through academic coursework and experiential learning.

Dr. Nunez & Pearson Pilates & Bodywork are joined with EHP in the commitment to teaching students the overarching applications of all the Pilates exercises—most importantly, the contraindications—so that when they graduate, they are confident that they can apply their Pilates knowledge to all populations. From the first hour of working with a client, a Pilates instructor should be analyzing and actively involved in corrective exercise, not just going through a Pilates protocol. EHP’s students develop a critical eye for technique and exit the program fluent in the language of movement.

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Foundational Courses

QIGONG Self-Healing

QI is the Chinese word for “life energy”. Pronounced chee-kung. Qigong is a 3,000 year old, mind/body system. It is made up of gentle, balanced movement, breath regulation, and concentration/imagination practices. It is a great complement to modern, West mind medicine.

Mind/Body relaxation through the practice of Qigong reduces our stress and enables us to 

Feel Qi, Get Qi, and Use Qi.

Qigong practice opens our natural potentials to heal ourselves, to know health, to prevent disease, to generate vitality, and to help others heal.

Qigong practice is easy and effective.



If one’s “life force energy” is low, then that person is more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, he or she is more capable of being happy and healthy.

Reiki is an energy healing forms that heals on all levels Body, Mind, Emotional and Spirit. Balancing the body’s 7 major energy centers called Chakras.

A Reiki Treatment is deeply relaxing and can be useful in relieving physical pain, mental stress, and/or emotional turmoil. At the very least a half-an-hour of Reiki is a peaceful experience and can make you feel a lot better, no matter what ails you.

Discover your personal connection to Divine Source, and let the light/love shine through!

Training & Attunement



Embodied Anatomy course will build your proficiency in anatomy and develop your anatomical knowledge through a mix of:

  • classroom instruction,
  • guided imagery/movement,
  • palpatory clinics.

Develop an Informed Eye and Informed Touch while you learn your bones, muscles, landmarks, actions with a basic introduction to Dr. Janet Travell, MD.’s trigger point patterns for myofascial pain management and neuromuscular re-education principles and applications of Dr. Lulu Sweigard.

Discover basic tools of imagery, anatomical cue to bring functional and dynamic alignment for yourself, family, friends, and clients.

Step I


Learn the mechanics, technique, and integration of the Pilates Method with Rev. Dr. Freddie Pearson-Nunez, Master Trainers working with the world’s foremost Pilates innovators, Master Teacher Ellie Herman. Just like Ellie, Dr. Nunez is committed to teaching students the applications of all the Pilates exercises so that when they graduate, they are confident they can apply their knowledge to all populations. Freddie believes that Pilates education begins with an understanding of anatomy, kinesiology, posture, and biomechanics. Throughout this immersive and rigorous series of lectures and workshops, you will learn choreography of the Pilates mat and apparatus, how to guide clients through cueing, and common contraindications.

Step 2


Self Practice: Students are required to complete self-practice sessions to reinforce program curriculum and perfect their technique.

Student Teaching: A critically important aspect of the program is learning how to be a safe, effective, inspiring teacher.
Self-practice and student teaching for Virtual Trainings can be done at home.

Step 3


You can test out per module, test out fee is $100 per module and will be a Zoom Test out. Or you can do the comprehensive certification which requires a practical test and a written test ($400), and covers all the equipment. The practical test assesses the students’ ability to teach and perform the repertoire and can be done via Zoom or pre-recorded video. The written test covers Pilates repertoire, anatomy, and kinesiology.

  • Comprehensive Teacher Training 10 total modules $4500 (save $250)
  •  Take modules separately or take them all.
  • Certification test out fees: $100 per module. If you test out for comprehensive, Test out fee is $400 and includes a written test in addition to a practical Zoom test out.
  • Price of Manuals: 10% off when you buy through studio. Mat 59.95, Reformer 69.95, Springboard 49.95, Cadillac 39.95, Arc & Barrels 49.95.

2022 Pilates Teacher Training Calendar

Students can attend any combination of modules and be certified in modalities separately. See below for certification requirements. Once you register you will receive an informational email with all the information and links to buy Books and Props!

How to Prepare for Teacher Training:

  • Purchase the books: Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain and Muscles: Testing and Function by Kendall and Kendall, and any Ellie Herman Manual you will need. Each module has its own Manual.
  • Read Anatomy of Movement in full and Muscles: Testing and Function Posture Chapter and Trunk Chapter and complete the Quiz Pack (which will be provided when you formally apply).
  • Read the “Front Matter” (first 35 pages) of one of Ellie’s manuals to familiarize yourself with Ellie’s Pilates vocabulary and Basic Pilates Anatomy principles.

Functional Anatomy

  • 12 lecture hours of anatomy, kinesiology, and injury protocols.
  • Required Books: Anatomy of Movement by Germain, Muscles Testing and Function by Kendall.
  • Students must complete reading and quiz packs (available upon registration) prior to the start of the module.

Mat I & II

  • 24 lecture/demonstration hours of Pilates Mat I and Mat II.
  • Required Books: Ellie Herman’s Pilates Mat Manual available on our website.
  • Mat certification requirements: Completion of Functional Anatomy (or comparable equivalent), Mat I, and Mat II modules; 25 hours each of self-practice, and student teaching.
  • Test Out Fee $100: Schedule a live Zoom test-out!


  • 12 lecture/demonstration hours of Springboard.
  • Required Books: Ellie Herman’s Springboard Manual, available on our website.
  • Springboard certification requirements: 12 hours each of self-practice and student teaching.
  • Test out Fee $100: Schedule a live Zoom test-out!

Reformer I, II, & III

  • 36 hours of lecture/demonstration hours of Reformer with Ellie Herman.
  • Required Books: Ellie Herman’s Reformer Manual, available on our website.
  • Reformer certification requirements: Complete all 3 Reformer Modules plus 36 hours each of self-practice and student teaching.
  • Students must take 10 reformer classes, virtually or in-person, students will receive 50% off 10-pack of reformer classes.
  • Test out Fee $100: Schedule a live Zoom test out!


  • 6 lecture/demonstration hours of Cadillac (push-thru bar)
  • Required Books: Ellie Herman’s Cadillac Manual, and Pilates Arc & Barrels available on our website.
  • Springboard certification requirements: 12 hours each of self-practice and student teaching.
  • Test out Fee $100: Schedule a live Zoom test-out!

Pilates Arc

  • 6 lecture/demonstration hours of Pilates Arc
  • Required Books: Ellie Herman’s Cadillac Manual, and Pilates Arc & Barrels available on our website.
  • Springboard certification requirements: 12 hours each of self-practice and student teaching.
  • Test out Fee $100: Schedule a live Zoom test-out!

Wunda Chair

  • 12 lecture/demonstration hours of Wunda Chair Training with Ellie Herman.
  • Required Books: Ellie Herman’s Wunda Chair Manual, available on our website.
  • Reformer certification requirements: 12 hours each of self-practice and student teaching.
  • Test out Fee $100: Schedule a Zoom test out!

All modules are taught by Rev. Dr. Freddie Pearson-Nunez.

Upon registering, students will receive quizzes and the Teacher Training Bible. All weekend modules are $425. (Cadillac/Push Thru Bar $215, Pilates Arc $215 separately.)You will receive a certificate of completion via email.To receive a comprehensive certification please read all the requirements for each module. There is an additional written test for comprehensive certification. The practical test out for comprehensive is $475 in-person/$400 via Zoom. The comprehensive test-out covers all the equipment. A Zoom test out can be scheduled when student is ready.

Countering Racism in Our Community

In effort to create SAFE SPACES and PRESENCE of Diversity in Pilates, Dr. Pearson-Nunez is making regular practice of offering SCHOLARSHIPS and DISCOUNTS towards SERVICES and INSTITUTE Training.

Interested in Certification?